The Quality Policy for Bernaschina Srl has got four main objectives:

1. always keeping high the level of satisfaction of the stakeholders, particularly of its own customers and partners,

2. increasing the profit margins by applying the strategies related to the improvement of the internal flows for “lightening” the company structure in order to make it more flexible in terms of set-up, for the optimization of the workload of the lines balancing it with the works destined for subcontractors, for speed and effectiveness of the exchange of information among the production department and the offices.

3. improving the participatory and sharing process among the resources

4. carrying out every assessment according to the objective evidences and in compliance with the rules and the regulations.

The Quality Policy of Bernaschina Srl was born as a commitment of the Board of Directors and developed thanks to the work of the whole company.

The achievement of a prominence position on the market is obtained thanks to the continuous improvement of the company’s own activity, namely the possibility of meeting any request of the final customer thanks to a big production potential and to the implementation of quality products, which are on their turn the result of excellent business processes.

The effort of the whole company needs to be more and more concentrated on the research of the process improvement, even through an involvement increasingly responsible of all collaborators of Bernaschina, both employers and freelancers.

The continuous improvement of the flows, of the processes and of the management system of the customer lead the company to the awareness of obtaining excellent results of moderate economic impact with the final goal of the 360-degree customer satisfaction.

Bernaschina srl has identified the implementation and the development of the Quality Management System as the most adequate means to achieve and maintain such goals. The activities related to the maintenance and the improvement of a Quality Management System in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001 are therefore encouraged and enhanced.

The implementation of the Quality Policy is guaranteed by means of:

5. the implementation of the company Quality System;

6. the quality review by the Management;

7. the achievement of the goals set

8. the risk assessment

9. the Improvement Plans, issued on a regular basis during the review by the Management, which define the new quality goals of the various business areas.

They help to provide continuity with the main objective of simplifying and anyway consolidating the results always achieved.

Believing daily in our capabilities and in our capacity lets experience and awareness to be a big group grow.

The Board of Directors